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Mac software Audio2Join




Audio2Join is a Mac application that enables the user to combine mutliple audio files into a single, independent audio clip.

* Please note that Audio2Join may not work with media clips that are protected by DRM.
** A thrid-party Core Audio component or QuickTime component may be required for additional export formats.




Supported formats:


  • Supported audio formats for imported files: 3GP, 3G2, AAC, AIF, AU, MP3, MP4 (M4a), OGG, WMA and more
  • Supported audio formats for exported files: 3GP, AU, MOV, MP4 and more




Terms of use:


Audio2Join is currently available as a freeware title mostly because it's still a beta version and also because we don't have time to write a user's guide.  'Freeware' doesn't mean you own any part of this application.  It only means that you are allowed to use it after accepting terms of use.  There is no gurantee that it will function as it's supposed to.  We certainly have the right to not release Audio2Join as a freeware title.  And we have the right to repackage it with new features and release it as a commercial product at any time with or without a prior notice.  And if you know you are going to call us a thief after changing the release format, please don't use it in the first place.


  • Do not distribute or redistribute it.
  • Do not open a support ticket at MacHouse Support to request a personal reply.  If you need assistance or wish to file a bug report, click here.
  • Remember that this software may not perform to your satisfaction as it's still a beta version.




Trial version:


A beta/demo/trial version is available.


  • Click on the button to download a beta/demo/trial version of Audio2Join for Mac OS X 10.6.  Mac video tutorials
  • Click here for License notices.
  • Click here for a sample audio package.



System requirements:


  • Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 with Intel Mac (Intel Mac) only
  • Core Audio component is required for exporting combined audio to Ogg
  • QuickTime Player 7.6 and Flip4Mac QuickTime component for exporting combined audio to WMA




Version History:


Nothing so far...


Audio2Join is a product of MacHouse.
QuickTime Player is a product of Apple, Inc.