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   Last updated: April 24, 2011






CopyReady - FAQ


Mac software CopyReady



1. What's the minimum length of a copy item name?

The name of a copy item must be at least 4-letter long, and the maximum length is set to 100.



2. What happens if I delete the original file of an image item?

That won't affect CopyReady because it makes a duplicate when you drag and drop the original copy onto the application window.



3. Can I move any of the copy items belonging to the current Bar to Another?

No, you cannot.  We won't fix the application to make it possible for the user to move a copy item across Bars.



4. Does CopyReady still have trouble sending PNG images to the clipboard?

By updating it to Version 2, you can send PNG images to the clipboard.  So you will never see the PNG warning sign again.



5. I have purchased a CopyReady license before it was updated to Version 2.  How much is the upgrade fee?

There is no upgrade fee.  Just choose Download from the leftmost menu, log in and download the latest version away.



6. I use the online store version of CopyReady.  Now, this application is only available at Mac App Store.  Does that mean the online version has been abandoned?

Nope.  We have no intension of ditching existing software licensees.  We will release both the online version and the Mac App Store version of an update whenever these is one ready.  Those who purchase the Mac App Store version are in a disadvantage because it'll take Mac App Store one week, two weeks or even longer to review and then approve an update.  On the other hand, for the sake of those who previously purchased the online version, we can release an update at any time.