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CopyReady - User's Guide


Mac software CopyReady







1. Installing and uninstalling CopyReady

Please read the README file that comes with the application.  Or click here to download one.


2. Introduction

What is CopyReady?  It's a simple application that allows the user to store text and graphics so that you can have easy and quick access to them.  For example, drag and drop one imag file or text selection (.textClipping) at a time onto the application.  (See Screenshot 2-1.)  As shown in Screenshot 2-2, you don't have to open a file or anything to see the text selection you have imported.  You don't even have to click anywhere.



Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 2-1


Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 2-2



Furthermore, place the Mouse pointer over any of the copy items and right-button-click to see a contextual menu.  (See Screenshot 2-3.)  If you have selected an image item (indicated by the orange color), choose Show It to see the actual image on the built-in image convas window.  (See Screenshot 2-4.)



Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 2-3


Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 2-4



3. Preferences

When you first launch any new application, it's always a good idea if you open Preferences.  Okay, why not?  Let's choose Preferences under CopyReady on the menu bar.

The first tab is Settings.  (See Screenshot 3-1.)  There are just four checkboxes for the moment.  If you enable Run update notification, CopyReady will access our web server to see if there are any software updates available every time you launch the application.  Enable Require restart if you want to automatically let the application relaunch itself after you close Preferences.  And you should enable it unless you have a good reason not to from time to time.  If you enable Confirm deletion, you will be prompted for confirmation every time you attempt to delete a copy item.  Likewise, if you enable Confirm update, you will be prompted for confirmation every time you attempt to update a record.  Max display allows the user to determine how many copy items they want to display.  If you reach the maximum number, you won't be able to import anything until you delete one.



Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 3-1


Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 3-2



Switching to Export, this tab is used for Export It, which allows the user to export the selected image item with a graphic format of their choice.  By setting a default export folder, CopyReady will always point to it whenever you choose to export an image item (unless it no longer exists).  If the selected folder no longer exists, CopyReady will automatically set your default folder to Desktop.  Furthermore, under the same tab, you can also set your default file name and graphic format.





















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