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CopyReady - User's Guide


Mac software CopyReady



6. More

6-1 Deleting copy items

By now, you should have figured out how to delete copy items for yourself.  Well, let's see how we do it quickly.



Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-1


Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-2



In order to delete any of the existing copy items, simply right-button-click on one, whether it's blue or orange, and choose Delete It.  (See Screenshot 6-1.)  If Confirm deletion is enabled in Preferences, you will be prompted to confirm whether or not you want to go ahead and delete the copy item in selection.  (See Screenshot 6-2.)  If you click on Yes, CopyReady will instantly update the copy item list.


6-2 Bars

The initial version had a serious limitation.  The number of copy items you can have was capped by the desktop height.  Well, that's still the case in a sense.  If you have a large display, you can create as many as probably 60 or 70 copy items.  So we have introduced Version 1.1 to indirectly overcome this limitation.  An answer we have come up with is to let the user create columns, which we call Bars.  In this way, you can expand CopyReady not just vertically but also horizontally.  A Bar is a column containing multiple rows of copy items.  And you can now create any number of Bars.

In order to create a new Bar, simply choose New Bar under File.  (See Screenshot 6-3.)  Next, you will be promted to name this Bar.  (See Screenshot 6-4.)  After entering a name, click on the Create button or just press the Return key on your keyboard.



Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-3


Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-4



After creating a new Bar, notice that the top drop box is no longer labeled 'CopyReady.'  It should now display the name of the current Bar you have.  (See Screenshot 6-5.)  Anyway, you can just go ahead and drag and drop text selections or image files one by one just as before.



Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-5


Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-6



If you have more than one Bar and want to switch to a different one, all you have to do is go to Open Bar under File and choose the Bar you want to switch to.  (See Screenshot 6-6.)  And if you want to delete any of existing Bars, first, switch to the bar you want to remove.  Then choose Delete Bar under File.  (See Screenshot 6-7.)  And you will be prompted to confirm whether or not you want to go ahead and delete that Bar.  (See Screenshot 6-8.)  If you click on Yes, CopyReady will execute your command immediately, and it will switch back to the default Bar, which you cannot delete, by the way.



Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-7


Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-8



Furthermore, if you have updated CopyReady to Version 1.2, notice that there's a new command available under File.  Choose Rename to rename the selected bar.  (See Screenshot 6-9.)  You will see a similar window that you see when you create a new Bar.  After entering a new Bar name and clicking on the Update button, changes will be made instantly.



Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-9





6-3 Backing up data

With Version 1.4, users are able to easily back up data.  Simply, choose Backup > Backup Data.  An export destination is set in Preferences under a new tab labeled Backup.  Under this tab, the name of the last backup archive will be automatically recorded.  Also, recorded is the date and the time the last backup was made.

When you backup data, CopyReady will create a zip archive.  In order to recover, make sure that CopyReady is not running.  Then unzip an archive.  And you will have a folder labeled 'CopyReady.'  If not, you need to name it 'CopyReady.'  Next, trash a folder with the same name at Users > User > Library > Application Support, in exchange for the unzipped archive.


6-4 Search

With Version 1.4.5, users are able to search the database for a particular text content under the given Bar.  First, choose Find under Text.  (See Screenshot 6-10.)  You can also press Command + F.  When the search window opens, enter a search phrase.  Then click on the Search button or simply press the Return key.  (See Screenshot 6-11.)  A search phrase must be at least 4-character long.



Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-10


Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-11



If CopyReady finds matches, it will list them with the names of the copy items (Column 1) they belong to and the text contents (Column 2) that contain the search phrase.  Clicking on a row in the list, CopyReady will automatically highlights the first match of the search phrase in the text content.  (See Screenshot 6-12.)



Mac software CopyReady

Screenshot 6-12





Note that CopyReady will only run a search under the given Bar.  In other words, it will not look for a search phrase across all Bars.






















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