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CST2Manage - User's Guide


Mac software CST2Manage







1. Installing and uninstalling CST2Manage

Please read the README file that comes with the application.


2. Using CST2Manage

A. Introduction

When CST2Manage starts up, you will always end up with its introductory screen.  If you have already created more than one customer account and registered at least one product or sevice to sell, then this screen will tell you how many customers and products or services you have to begin with.



Mac software CST2Manage



If you have enabled Auto backup, CST2Manage will export a data file (packed in a Zip archive).  And CST2Manage will finish the job before you see this screen.  If CST2Manage has automatically generated a data archive, the introductory screen should indicate at what time the file was created.  This Zip archive should be labeld with the current date and time (YYMMDD-HHMMSS followed by two numbers).  In order to restore application data, first, you need to unzip a backup data file.  You will end up with a folder labeled CST2Manage.  Locate the same folder at Users / User / Library / Application Support/ and replace it.



Mac software CST2Manage



Furthermore, a little lock icon at the very right-bottom corner of the introductory screen indicates whether or not Data protect is enabled.  If you have an unlocked icon, that means Data protect is not being enforced.  If Data protect is enabled, then the user, whoever it is, will not be able to see customer records until he or she logs into their account and disable it.


B. Preferences

1) Administrative accounts

The first tab, Settings, will let you make important settings that affect the whole system.  This is where you decide to enable or disable Data protect and Auto backup.  If you have just launched CST2Manage for the first time, you will find that Protect/Unprotect data and Start up login are grayed out.  That's because you don't have an administrative account yet.



Mac software CST2Manage   Mac software CST2Manage



In order to let CST2Manage force anyone to log in every time it starts up, you must have at least one administrative account.  You also have to have at least one administative account in order to enforce Data protect.  You can create one under the Protect tab.



Mac software CST2Manage   Mac software CST2Manage



In order to create an administative account, simply click on the Create button.  CST2Manage supports 2-byte characters so that you can use special characters and Greek letters to make up usernames and passwords.  Alphabetic letters are case-sensitive in that they are differently recognized, depending on the case.  If Export is enabled, CST2Manage will generate a text file with your username and password.  It will be exported to the folder where CST2Manage resides.  We strongly suggest that you enable this option whenever you create a new administrative account.  Or you may never be able to browse your customer data or even log into your account at the startup.

By the way, if you want to let CST2Manage check software updates, enable Run update notification under Settings.  If it's enabled, CST2Manage will access our website every time you launch it to find out if the version you are running is up-to-date.


2) Drop lists

CST2Manage comes with five drop-down menus for you to keep customer records.  You probably want to use drop-down menus to limit available values for such fields as countries, provinces/states, genders.  Let's take provinces/ states as an example.  There are 50 states in the U.S.  Well...  There is no gurantee that we all exclusively deal with American customers.  That's why we've designed CST2Manage such that the user can define their own drop-down menus.



Mac software CST2Manage   Mac software CST2Manage



CST2Manage comes with 6 pre-defined drop-down lists.  You can also edit exist ones or create any number of your own drop-down lists.  For example, try selecting All_Countries.  This drop-down menu contains the names of more than 200 countries.  Select US_States, and you will see the names of all 50 U.S. states.  It doesn't include the District of Columbia.  If you want to add a new value, simply click on the Add button.  Then enter a new value and press Add.  You can grab a row and move it up or down to change the order of appearance.  And after making changes to an existing drop-down list, don't forget to click on the Save button.



Mac software CST2Manage   Mac software CST2Manage



You can also import a text file to make a new drop list.  First of all, click on the New button and name a new list.  Rememer that a list name can allow no space.  After nameing a list, click on the Import button to import file.  For example, open a sample drop list file titled Countries2.txt.  This list may be better for some users if they are sure they won't have customers from Central Asia or Africa.  And, again, don't forget to click on the Save button after importing a file and editing its list.



Mac software CST2Manage   Mac software CST2Manage
Mac software CST2Manage    



3) Data formats

This section is made so that you can let CST2Manage automatically generate customer IDs and passwords.  You can also decide how dates should appear under this tab.

Currently, CST2Manage offers five ways of generating usernames (or customer IDs).  If you choose First name+Last name, CST2Manage will make a username by simply combining a first name and last name.  For example, if the first name and last name you have entered are Gary and Hopkins, respectively, then CST2Manage will automatically return garyhopkins after you press the Tab key.  If you want to choose First name+Last name+Num or Last name+First name+Num, then set a fixed number to the right.  This number is automatically set to 1 by default.  In fact, you may want to add a number.  In this way, if there exists a username like garyhopkins1, then you can manually change it to garyhopkins2.  And '2' can serve as a sign that garyhopkins1 already exists.



Mac software CST2Manage   Mac software CST2Manage



Additionally, if you choose Date+Time+Num, CST2Manage will automatically make up usernames that are based on the current date and time.  A username will be created in the following format - YYYYMMDDHHMMSSXX.  XX is made of ticks, the number of 1/60*seconds since the computer has started.  So this type of usernames should have 16 digits.



Mac software CST2Manage   Mac software CST2Manage



CST2Manage can also generate Customer passwords automatically.  CST2Manage will generate a string randomly consisting of letters and numbers.  The base is a string of numbers only.  And you can decide to add uppercase alphabetic letters.  And you can add lowercase letters on top of numbers and uppcase alphabetic letters.  Or how about adding special characters on top of numbers, uppercase letters and lowercase letters?  If you enable No num, CST2Manage will come up with a string that does not start with a number.

Finally, the Data format is used to decide how each purchase date (or transaction date) should appear.  You must choose a separator, or CST2Manage will automatically set it to /.  For example, if you choose MM/DD/YY, a transaction date might appear as 04/10/10.



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