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CST2Manage - User's Guide


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4. Blacklisting customers

One of the new features that are available with Version 1.3 is user's ability to blacklist customers.  Selling goods and services online sounds simple as long as you assume you will never encounter any trouble with your customers.  The truth is that there are always mean customers.  There are also people who place an order and then subsequently request a full refund for a mere reason.  Your best strategy may be to quietly give them a refund and then not to waste any more time with them.  Furthermore, you want to make sure that you will never sell anything to those same people again.

So CST2Manage now lets you blacklist people with their names and e-mail addresses so that you will be alerted in time of registering a new customer.  To do so, first, switch to the tab list to Blacklist.  In order to add a new bad customer, click on Add at the bottom.  Now, enter their first name, last name, e-mail address and so forth.  Note that CST2Manage will automatically screen only first names, last names and e-mail addresses every time you register a new customer.



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Whenever you go through the process of creating a new customer profile, CST2Manage checks your blacklist records and look for matches.  If there is a match for the first name entry, a red symbol will appear next to it.  That does not mean that you cannot finish creating a profile for this particular customer.  The blacklist feature will only remind you of names and e-mail addresses that you should be careful with.  Whether or not you record a sale will be up to you.



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