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FontsView is a simple text previewer with the font of your choice.  Sometimes, it's not very easy to pick the best font especially if you have hundreds of them to choose from.  FontsView will let you quickly preview text with a given font so that you can pick the best choice.  Choosing File > Export, you can generate an HTML file with lines of text with all available fonts along with a text color and text size of your choice.



Mac software FontsView






Mac software FontsView

Adding a font to the favorite list


Mac software FontsView

Applying a favorite font to text

Mac software FontsView

Exporting styled text with all fonts to an HTML file


Mac software FontsView

Seeing a generated HTML font file with a web browser


Mac software FontsView

Panning text within the display window


Mac software FontsView

Changing text color




Trial version:


A demo/trial version is available.


  • Click on the button to download a demo/trial version of FontsView for Mac OS X 10.6.  Mac video tutorials



System requirements:


  • Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8 with Intel Mac (Intel Mac) only




Purchasing FontsView license:



Purchasing a single license of FontsView


Mac App Store

Available at Mac App Store only as







Version History:


1.0.5 to 1.1.0 (October 21, 2011)

  1. All commands but Export under the File menu are removed as they are not in use.
  2. The hexadecimal field is no longer editable.
  3. The frame type of the Favorite Fonts window is changed to Floating (was Global floating).
  4. When there are open TextEdit documents, Text Style > Apply Style To TextEdit will become active. When the user chooses this command, the application will apply the selected text style (font, text color, text size, bold, italic, underline) to the entire foremost TextEdit document. If no text size is specified, FontsView will automatically apply 12 points.
  5. Fix: When the user selected a two-byte font style, its name did not appear in the Favorite fonts list.

    Please note that it may take Mac App Store several days to weeks or even months to approve this update.


1.0.1 to 1.0.5 (August 18, 2011)

  1. Change: The application will automatically restart itself when the user closes Preferences to ensure its stability.
  2. Fix: When the user changed font sizes from the menu (Text Style > Text Size), the text size drop-down menu did not change its current index accordingly.
  3. Each font name is preceded by a blue bullet on the Favorite fonts window.
  4. A few other minor changes are made.

    Please note that it may take Mac App Store several days to weeks to approve this update.


1.0.0 to 1.0.1 (August 10, 2011)

  1. The application could crash when the user quit it with the Favorite window being still open.
  2. The frame style of the Favorite window is changed to global floating (was local floating).
  3. A few other changes and fixes are done.


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