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Mac software Img4Web




Img4Web is a batch image processor that allows the user to generate thumbnail images out of source pictures.  All you have to do is list source images by using a drop box or choosing File > Open.  Then set thumbnail image dimensions and select an export format.  After configuring HTML settings, making sure that all four title labels are green, the Export button will become accessible.  So just click it away!





  • Choose any of seven export formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIFF)
  • Import any number of pictures at a time by using a drop box (Click on a toolbar button.).



Terms of use:


Img4Web is currently available as a freeware title.  'Freeware' doesn't mean you own any part of this application.  It only means that you are allowed to use it after accepting terms of use.  There is no gurantee that it will function as it's supposed to.  We certainly have the right to not release Img4Web as a freeware title.  And we have the right to repackage it with new features and release it as a commercial product at any time with or without a prior notice.  And if you know you are going to call us a thief after changing the release format, please don't use it in the first place.


  • Do not distribute or redistribute it.
  • Do not open a support ticket for it at MacHouse Support.





Mac software Img4Web

Opening several source pictures at a time


Mac software Img4Web

Setting thumbnail image dimensions

Mac software Img4Web

Choosing a JPEG compression rate


Mac software Img4Web

Generating thumbnail images out of selected sources pictures


Mac software Img4Web

Examining the web code automatically generated by Img4Web






Trial version:


A demo/trial version is available.


  • Click on the button to download a demo/trial version of Img4Web for Mac OS X 10.6 & 10.7.  Mac video tutorials



System requirements:


  • Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 with Intel Mac (Intel Mac) only.




Purchasing Img4Web license:



It is not currently for sale.





Version History:


1.0.0b to 1.1.0b (October 15, 2011)

  1. The application is now compatible with Mac OS X Lion.
  2. Additional sizes (4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 7:1, 8:1, 9:1, 10:1) are available.
  3. Click on Reset button to revert to default settings on Thumbnail image settings and HTML settings. The user can also choose Settings > Default to revert to default settings for all sections but Source files.
  4. Choose Settings > SettingsHTML to see current HTML settings.
  5. Enable 'Sound audio when done' in Preferences to let the application notify you of a task completion with a short sound.
  6. Other minor changes are done.


Img4Web is a product of MacHouse.