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MacReady - User's Guide


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1. Installing and uninstalling MacReady

Please read the README file that comes with the application.  Or click here to download one.


2. Introduction

What is MacReady?  MacReady lets you perform tasks (opening folders, launching applications, changing System settings) quickly so that you will be ready to work soon after you start your Mac or at any time.  We first got the idea of developing this application when we realized that the brightness level will always set to maximum under Mac OS X 10.5 when a Mac starts up.  It's too bright.  And we wanted a Mac application that would let us clear Trash every time the computer starts up.



Mac software MacReady

Screenshot 2-1


Mac software MacReady

Screenshot 2-2



MacReady has several tabs, each of which represents a particular area.  Click on System1, for example.  Under this tab, there are more than a dozen checkboxes concerning system settings.  Enable/disable them so that you can let MacReady alter the settings that they correspond to.  Some other tabs come with a list box.  It's a file list and also serves as a drop box for Open, Launch and Labels.  For example, you can just drag and drop application icons, one at a time, directly onto the listbox under Launch.



Mac software MacReady

Screenshot 2-3





Finally, choose Save under the File menu to save your settings.  By so doing, when you launch it, MacReady will automatically load your settings.


3. Preferences

When you first launch any new application, it's always a good idea for you to open Preferences.  Okay, why not?  Let's click on a toolbar button labeled Preferences (See Screenshot 3-1.)  You can also open Preferences from the menu bar under MacReady.

The first tab is Settings.  (See Screenshot 3-2.)  Let's first explore the box labeled Login item.  MacReady is designed such that it will automatically run right after you start your Mac.  For this purpose, you may want to add MacReady to the Login items list in System Preferences.  MacReady won't do it for you.



Mac software MacReady

Screenshot 3-1


Mac software MacReady

Screenshot 3-2



If you click on the Open button inside the box, MacReady will access System Preferences' Accounts PreferencePane.  So you will be just a few steps away from adding this application to the Login items list.  Click on the plus sign and locate MacReady.  (See Screenshot 3-3.)  You may now close System Preferences.  You won't see MacReady's name in the list inside the box because MacReady will not update this list in real time.  So click on the Update button to see changes.  (See Screenshot 3-4.)



Mac software MacReady

Screenshot 3-3


Mac software MacReady

Screenshot 3-4



Now, let's take a look at checkboxes under the Settings tab.  If you enable Run update notification, MacReady will access our web server to see if there are any software updates available every time you launch the application.  Enable Require restart if you want to automatically let the application relaunch itself after you close Preferences.  If you enable Confirm deletion (There are four of them.), you will be prompted for confirmation every time you attempt to delete a record.  Validate URL is concerned with the URLs tab on the main menu.  If it's enabled, MacReady will require that the URL for whcih you try to create a profile be accessible in real time.  If the website is offline, therefore, you won't be able to add it to the list.  Finally, enable Auto run if you want MacReady to start running right after it starts up.



Mac software MacReady

Screenshot 3-5





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