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MacHouse software - How to register/update software


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Software registration

Right after making a payment through PayPal, you will be forwarded to our software registration website.  In order to use your purchase, you will need a software license signature, which we will generate after we recieve your registration form.  You can use your purchase only under one user account.


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After receving your resitration form, we will send you an important e-mail message concerning software registration and license validation.  The messsage should be titled 'XXX License' where XXX is the name of the software product you have purchased.  It is very important.  So please do not throw it away.  It will explain to you 1) how to download the latest version of software; 2) how to validate your software license.


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Validating software license

In order to access all features that are available with the software product you have purchased, please validate your license at first.  And the license e-mail message that we have sent you should tell you how under Validating a license.

If you haven't, please download the latest version of software.  First, launch the application.  Then open Preferences.  And switch the tab to License.  All you have to do is enter licensee's name, User, e-mail address and the license signature according to the License message.  Please do not use a trial or demo version to validate your software license.  And there is no need for you to type everything letter by letter.  Simply, use Copy (Command + C) & Paste (Command + P).  If your inputs are all correct, you will see a popup message as shown below.  And you will never have to validate your license again unless you reinstall your OS.


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Updating software

If you look under the first menu, you should find Check Update and Download.  If you choose Check Update, your computer will access our remote server to see if there are any software updates available.  If there are, then choose Download.  And you will be forwarded to our software download website, the same place where you downloaded the first software file.  In order to download software files, you will need your username and password, which are both stated in your License message.  Download the latest version.  After unpack it, replace the existing one with it.  Sorry...  We don't and will never support an automatic update feature.


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More information

The ReadMe file included in your software package should explain to you how to validate your software license and download the latest software update.  You can of course contact us if you need assistance by going to MacHouse Support.