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   Last updated: December 01, 2011






MacHouse software - FAQ


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1. Have you quit developing Mac software?  If so, why?

Yes, we have.  We distribute our Mac software products through Mac App Store (hereafter, MAS).  We acknowledge that Apple's MAS is a great software distribution system.  However, many software reviewers are terribly untrained and ignorant of software per se.  Some of them are even mean and intimidate us with terriblying disturbing messages like the following.


Mac App Store intimidation


Heck...  They misunderstand things themselves and then threaten to remove your software products if you contend.  That's not a company we want to continue to work with.  In the end, Apple, Inc. is evil.


2. I have purchased your software product at Mac App Store.  Do I get support?

Yes and no. We prefer to stay away from MAS.  So we won't update Mac software products that are available at MAS unless absolutely necessary, unless it's the matter of serious bugs that puts the application into crash.  Furthermore, come what may, there will be no more software updates for any reason after February 29th, 2012, when Mac App Store requires all software submissions be sandboxed (Desktop Police Act).


3. I've purchased your software at your web site, not through Mac App Store.  Do you also stop working on it?

No.  Although chances are that they won't be updated for the next major OS version (Mac OS X 10.8), there is no reason why we stop updating non-MAS software products.


4. According to its version history, an application was updated a long time ago.  But this software update does not appear to be available through MAS.  Why?

Just because we submit a software update to MAS, that doesn't necessarily mean they approve it.  In fact, they reject many.  Sometimes, they won't review a software submission for two months, three months, four months or even longer (Really...).  Some reviewers are so untrained that they reject a software update because the application shows a file path.  In one occasion, a reviewer rejected the same software update, ignoring the decision made by the MAS Review Board repeatedly.  Once they start listening to their imaginary friends, they are probably not going to listen to anybody else.